Daily Grind – Coffee Tycoon

Daily Grind - Coffee Tycoon

Coming soon to Android & iOS

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Manage your


Upgrade your

Upgrade your plantation

Upgrade your
processing buildings

Upgrade your Buildings

All the settings
you could need

Settings Screen

About the Game

Build and expand your 6 coffee bean plantations whilst also building all the facilities needed to be the best coffee making tycoon. Save up your profits to expand and upgrade your buildings to earn more and more money going from minor plantation owner to top of the coffee tycoon leaderboard

Do you have what it takes to be the ultimate coffee producer?


  • One touch gameplay
  • Heaps of buildings to upgrade
  • Leaderboards & achievements
  • Keep track of your stats
  • Leveling system
  • Missions
  • Powerups & in game gifts
  • Ingame purchases

Keep in the loop

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What we have been up to in the build process

  • Lots of bugs resolved & Graphical Tweaks 5/8/17
  • Level Up System Built 24/7/17
  • Shop system built 21/7/17
  • Major debugging session 20/7/17
  • While you were away section built 12/7/17
  • Functional change for plantations 5/7/17
  • Alpha version Released 1/7/17

Special Thanks

Ian Rutherford – Music production

Check It Out His Work

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